About us

“Fast Brok Service” company was founded in 2008. Our company provides not only customs brokerage services in all areas and modes, but also helps to find solutions to issues related to the customs area.

Our company is working for you to:

  • exempt you from different types of headaches and need of visiting state bodies,
  • save your time and money.

The advantages of “Fast Brok Service” are:

  • coordinated workflow, which sets you free from unwanted paperwork,
  • rich experience of our professional team in the telecommunications sphere, which prevents you from all possible mistakes, which could rise from unawareness of the sphere
  • providing and execution of the full package of services, which exempts the need of additional interference till the end of the process.

Thus, we offer you the performance of the full package of services.

The License of the “Fast Brok Service” company
Success story

One of the largest banks of Armenia, with more than 320,000 customers. The main goal of the bank is to contribute the economy development of Republic of Armenia...

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