Reception of certificates and licenses

There are often many difficulties rising during the customs clearance, associated with the need of showing various certificates, licenses about the origin and quality of imported goods and other permissions from governmental and non-governmental organizations and companies to represent to the Customs Bodies.

“Fast Brok Service” company is intended to protect you from such difficulties. Remaining loyal to our principles, and also thanks to the accumulated wide experience, will carry out reception of all necessary documents for customs registration.

Our company will apply to appropriate authorities, will form and submit all the necessary documentation and get all the papers (listed below) to ensure the smoothness of the clearance process:

  • declarations (certificates)
  • licenses,
  • inquiries,
  • permissions,
  • conclusions,
  • and other documentation.

For more information regarding the reception of certificates and licenses, please call us with following number: +374 60 373 760.

Success story

One of the largest banks of Armenia, with more than 320,000 customers. The main goal of the bank is to contribute the economy development of Republic of Armenia...

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Guaranteed clearance up to 72 hours