Customs payments definition in Armenia

The first stage of a customs registration process is a drawing up and submission of the preliminary customs payment estimate.

The Cargo Customs Declaration (CCD) by means of customs software (TWM) can be constituted by the importing organization or its confidential customs broker.

However, actually, work on drawing up of Cargo Customs Declaration requires a wide experience and knowledge, in order to avoid possible errors and charge in attempt to bypass customs service rules because of wrong registration of papers.

Our experts, being based on a wide experience and knowledge, in the preliminary registration and accounting stage will carry out the following activities:

  1. Sorting and submission of the entered goods, according to the foreign trade activities codes,
  2. Tentative estimation of the sorted goods, according to the costs indicated in the commodity book, quantities and volumes etc.,
  3. Drawing up of the preliminary document of a customs clearance, introduction and filling of necessary information in the automated system of a customs clearance.

After drawing up CCD registration and doing customs payments, our company will also carry out all the procedures from customs warehouse passing to consignment carriage to the place indicated by you.

For more information regarding the customs payments definition, please call us with following number: +374 60 373 760.

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