Customs treatments of Armenia

«Fast Brok Service» company carries out a customs clearance on all customs treatments.

Our clients' financial benefits are very important for us, and we are always ready to offer the most optimum customs treatments, in view of nature of activity of the importer (import-processing-export, transit freight forwarding).

«Fast Brok Service» company provides the customs clearance on the above listed customs treatments:

  • EX1 - Exportation,
  • EX2 - Temporary Export,
  • EX3 - Re-export,
  • IM4 - Entry for home use,
  • IM5 - Temporary Importation,
  • IM6 - Re-importation,
  • IM7 - Entry for warehousing,
  • IM8 - Import Transit.

Also the company carries out change of customs treatments, depending on economic necessity.

Workers of the company have a wide experience of work and knowledge of customs registration, account of payments and optimization of the process depending on each customs treatment nuance.

We carry out a customs clearance in possible short time, not depending on the customs treatment type, without causing of any inconvenience to the client.

For more information regarding the customs treatments, please call us with following number: +374 60 373 760.

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Guaranteed clearance up to 72 hours