Management of importation to Armenia

«Fast Brok Service» company experts provide the services of professional customs clearance of the imported goods.

Аt the importation of goods the customs registration requires multistage work, which we completely undertake, excepting any interference or worries of the client. In the course of a customs clearance the following is carried out:

  1. Settling of documents and preliminary registration,
  2. Presentation of these documents to the customs officer,
  3. Reception of certificates, licences, permissions and other necessary documents,
  4. Registration and estimation of customs declaration,
  5. Removal from the «red line» (if necessary),
  6. Registration and renewal in time or any other possible mode,
  7. Realisation of customs payments on behalf of the customer,
  8. Receiving appropriate documentation and cargo passing from customs warehouse,
  9. Delivery to the address of the customer.

The works set forth above are executed on a high level, in short times and without interference of the client.

Rendering our services, we are guided by following principles:

  • Individual approach to each client,
  • Responsibility before clients and workers,
  • Working flexibility and perfection,
  • Fidelity to business canons - ethics and aspiration to perfection, by means of granting of services of exclusive quality.

For more information regarding the customs clearance of imported goods, please call us with following number: +374 60 373 760.

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Guaranteed clearance up to 72 hours